Mobile Apps for iOS

The iPhone began the age of the smartphone in 2007. For no other machine can you get more mobile apps; and even when the iPhone is no longer the most popular phone, it remains suited like no other to the smartphone-lifestyle.

In addition, the Apple Appstore offers the advantage that all apps have been checked before they are available for download. That creates a greater level of trust amongst users, so you can be confident that Apps are from from malware.

Give your customers access to comfortable tools or mobile connections via your onlineshop. The intuitive iOS operating system is accessible and easy for everyone to operate.

As app-agency developers we will develop native* apps for you, regardless whether for iphone, ipad or for both; and we will promote your online position in the appstore if you wish through marketing.

Mobile Apps for Android

Android is the most used mobile operating system available on the market. With Android having over 70% of the market share, all other systems are left far behind.

This market share can give you everything because Android is the number one operating system of many different manufacturers. This means that Android-developers must make apps adaptable to many different phone handsets. To facilitate this process, we as developers conduct tests automatically, so that we may find and solve any problems that emerge.

We can develop your own mobile Android-app and assist you to market this in GooglePlay store. With an android-app you are able to reach a greater proportion of your customers.